¿Quién es Él?

El Jefe

Who is this Bandolero? He might be a sort of Zorro. Or he might be a sort of Robin Hood. Or he might be a sort of Genghis Khan. Or he might be a sort of dork. But one thing we know he is not: CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

¿Héroe o Loco?

Some say he is a hero. Some say he is a lunatic. There are none who say otherwise. So, who is right -- those who say hero or those who say lunatic? Rather than brand the individuals in one group or the other as liars, or idiots, we shall take the democratic approach. Whichever group is bigger is right. This will entail commissioning a census. To assure that the census is correct will require neutral census takers and data input operators. Without impugning the honesty or integrity of any individuals in either camp, we observe there would most certainly be the temptation to manipulate the data in support of one's point of view. Since there are no neutral individuals (recall that the universe consists of those who say hero and those who say lunatic, there are none without opinion). It would appear, then, that the democratic process is not practical. Therefore, we will arm the two camps and they can shoot it out.